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A Delicious Burrito
IN 6 Minutes.

At Mucho Burrito, we understand when hunger strikes, time is of the essence. 24 hours or 1,140 minutes or 86,000 seconds in a day never seem like enough time to figure out what to eat. Luckily for you, we’re full of ideas and can make a fresh and delicious burrito in about 6 minutes, so you can spend the rest of your 1,134 minutes doing other things you love.


We’re happy to spend all those minutes working slowly and thoughtfully behind the scenes because deliciousness is in the details, ready the moment you want it and need it but without compromising. Real food is at the centre of everything we do. We’re not your average burrito joint. We’re Mucho Burrito: a proud Canadian restaurant brand that has been standing by its values since 2006. We’ve earned that title by keeping our Mucho promise and serving only the most flavourful food, made in house, right in front of you. In other words, our guests get lunch and a show.

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As Always, There is More than Meets the eye — or mouth.
Back to those 1.134 Minutes:

We spend time sourcing the best ingredients to provide you with high-quality food that brings flavour. We’re also passionate about crafting Mucho’s signature, all-natural salsas and toppings into what you know them as today — unique, tasty and addictive. We perfect them in house daily through flavour-enhancing techniques like fire-roasting and slow-cooking to bring you the quality and consistency you deserve.

We work hard so our food can speak for itself with every bite you take, meaning we take no shortcuts and we’re committed to our process, offering Canadians fresh and delicious Mexican-inspired food they can confidently feel good eating.

This is all to say, we’re dedicated to creating dishes that our guests can enjoy. We truly believe great-tasting food takes time — but let us handle that. At Mucho Burrito, we want you to taste the time without having to take the time.

Order Mucho Burrito online or visit our restaurants today to experience our commitment and taste the difference.

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