Mucho Burrito Franchising

Can Mexican food be gourmet? You bet your burrito! And Mucho Burrito is proving it. We hit just the right notes with our made-to-order menu. Just one taste of our hand-rolled burritos, tacos and quesadillas will tell you how much effort we put into our mouth-watering products. And that means more mouth-watering guests to your store!

What are the Benefits?

Experience a taste of success! The fast-casual market is one of the fastest-growing segments of the food service industry. Guests are ready for a whole new upscale gourmet Mexican dining experience and Mucho Burrito will be right there to supply it.

Popular Products

It's obvious that North Americans love BURRITOS! They are soooo hot right now. Why you ask? Because burritos are exotic. They’re full of flavour and they’re becoming THE premium fast casual food trend of the 21st century!

Store Design & Construction

Upscale. Bright. Comfortable. Mucho Burrito restaurants are designed by our architects to create a guest experience that’s hard to beat. Mucho Burrito offers a fresh, fun, contemporary atmosphere. The interior of our stores is awash in earthy colours that take their cue from authentic Mexican decor –rustic reclaimed wood and natural brick.


Classroom lectures, hands-on training, even cooking classes! Mucho Burrito University (MBU) offers an intensive training program teaching the skills necessary to become a successful Mucho Burrito Franchise partner. You’ll graduate with a comprehensive understanding of our burrito-making business.

Marketing and Advertising Support

Mucho Burrito’s marketing department provides you with marketing training, a user-friendly marketing manual, promotions and merchandising assistance. Upon joining Mucho Burrito you will receive immediate assistance in developing and executing an opening marketing plan and an ongoing local store marketing strategy focusing on the location of your specific restaurant.

Ongoing Support

As a Mucho Burrito Franchise partner you will receive ongoing operational and marketing support, in-restaurant evaluations and business training classes. Our Field Representatives perform frequent visits to your restaurant in order to make suggestions, analyze your business, maintain system compliance, answer your questions and obtain your feedback.

Volume Buying Power

Mucho Burrito products are purchased directly from our approved suppliers and distributors. We are able to secure competitive prices for its franchises by negotiating for discounts and services from national vendors, allowing you more time to focus on your restaurant.

Business Synergy

Every person who joins Mucho Burrito becomes part of a team where everyone works together for the good of the family (familia). Mucho Burrito coordinates ongoing seminars and workshops for all franchises.

Corporate Integrity

Mucho Burrito is owned and operated by the publically traded MTY Group.

Questions About Franchising?

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