Mexican-inspired food that feels good!


We live in a new world where speed is more important than quality.

Where processing takes the place of a caring human touch. This is LOCO! Especially when it comes to FOOD!

We are a fresh Mexican grill!

It’s right under our name. So to be fresh, to deliver authentic Mexican food. We say “ NO MÁS” to the new way of doing things.

We prefer the old way! And the best way to make it Mucho good and Mucho fresh is with real food. Food free of artificial preservatives, fake flavours, and artificial fat substitutes.


It’s real food made by hand, right in front of you.

including all-natural salsas made with 100% real and fresh ingredients and traditional fire-roasted cooking techniques. And our guacamole made or prepared FRESH with mucho love on-site daily.

Real food means real meats.

Like our 100% grain-fed chicken and our Canadian triple A beef that is farm raised. Our real meat with real Mexican seasoning means real flavour and a real good feeling about what you’re eating.

Mucho Burrito

So there you go, Mucho Real, Mucho Fresh.

Mexican-inspired food you love to share with your familia or amigos. (That’s family and friends, in case you’re really weak at Spanish.)

This is our mucho promise to you.