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Experience all of fall wrapped up inside our latest seasonal menu. Inspired by the season, curated by our chefs. Jam packed with irresistible ingredients, our mouths are watering just talking about them. Only here for a limited time. Available as a burrito and bowl.

All Seasonal Creations Start With:



Brown rice, fajita veggies, citrus slaw



Brown rice & ancient grains, fajita veggies, grape tomatoes, citrus slaw, charred corn

Ghost Pepper



Small: 570 Cals
Regular: 930 Cals
Mucho: 1235 Cals
Bowl: 700 Cals


Hotter than Hell

Hotter than Hell

Small: 585 Cals
Regular: 945 Cals
Mucho: 1250 Cals
Bowl: 715 Cals

Ghost pepper bacon, ghost pepper & fig marmalade, chipotle black beans, salsa, sour cream, Monterey Jack cheese, ghost pepper hot sauce, jalapeños.

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(Add 80–160 Cals)

Smokin' BBQ Bowl

Smokin' BBQ


Smokin’ BBQ sauce, blue cheese dressing, pinto beans, crispy jalapeño chips, chipotle crema, lime-pickled cucumbers


(Add 90–190 Cals)


(Add 110–210 Cals)

Small: 580 Cals
Regular: 910 Cals
Mucho: 1285 Cals
Bowl: 690 Cals

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Maple Chipotle

Maple Chipotle


Maple-chipotle BBQ sauce, chipotle blackbeans, crispy jalapeño chips, avocado crema, harvest veggie medley, Monterey Jack cheese


(Add 240–480 Cals)


(Add 80–160 Cals)

Small: 560 Cals
Regular: 785 Cals
Mucho: 1140 Cals
Bowl: 685 Cals

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The Ghost Pepper Burrito is back!

Starting November 2nd, our guests will be able to experience our Ghost Pepper burrito as part of our Signature Menu - at least those who double-dog dare to try it!

Frequently Asked Questions from Guests:
Q: What is a ghost pepper?

A: A ghost pepper is one of the hottest peppers in the world. Only two other peppers are ranked higher. Much like its name, not only will this pepper's heat sneak up on you, it will eventually have you running in fear (for a glass of milk). The ghost pepper has a slow-building heat filled with suspense. It’s fun! Trust us.

Gentle reminder: A ghost pepper has a rating of 1,000,000 Scoville units, whereas the habanero pepper rates as 350,000 units and the jalapeño pepper rates as 8,000 units. 8,000...


Q: What is a Scoville?

A: The Scoville scale is a measurement of the spicy heat of a chili pepper. The more Scoville units a pepper has, the hotter it is.


Q: What is a Ghost Pepper burrito from Mucho Burrito?

A: The Signature Menu Ghost Pepper burrito includes: ghost pepper & fig marmalade, brown rice, chipotle black beans, fajita veggies, grilled chicken, ghost pepper bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, salsa, sour cream, ghost pepper hot sauce, and jalapeños.

There are two heat levels: Wimpy (not too spicy) and Hotter than Hell (why-did-I-do-this-to-myself spicy).


Q: How hot is the Ghost Pepper burrito?

A: Don’t be fooled…this burrito is spicy. At first, you’ll be like, “Oh, it’s not that bad.” But then you’ll be like, “Oh, maybe it is kind of hot.” And eventually, you’ll be like, “GET ME A GLASS OF MILK RIGHT NOW!”

However, this burrito isn’t just about heat, it also packs a ton of flavour. Flavour filled with fire and regret, but that still counts as flavour!

For comparison, if you find our hot salsa too spicy, then the Ghost Pepper burrito may not be for you. However, we recommend you try our Signature Smokin’ BBQ or Maple Chipotle.


Q: Can I have the Ghost Pepper in all three sizes of burrito or as a taco, quesadilla, or bowl?

A: The Ghost Pepper is only available as a burrito or bowl in two heat levels: Wimpy (not too spicy) and Hotter than Hell (why-did-I-do-this-to-myself spicy).


Q: Where is this offer available?

A: The Ghost Pepper burrito is available at stand-alone and food court Mucho Burrito locations across Canada. Order ahead online for in-store or curbside pick-up. You can also order through our delivery partners: SkipTheDishes, UberEats, DoorDash at select locations.


Q: Can I buy my own bottle of Mucho Burrito ghost pepper hot sauce?

A: Sadly, our ghost pepper hot sauce will only be available for your burritos and bowls and not for retail sale. But if you think about it, the Ghost Pepper burrito is kind of like a giant consumable bottle of hot sauce. That works, right?